How it started

In the aftermath of the disastrous Tsunami in December 2004, which caused much death and destruction in the coastal areas of Sri Lanka, Mervyn and Mersumi Anderiesz engaged in refugee relief work in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka. One day, they met a group of French volunteers from the Marseilles region who were keen to assist Tsunami Orphans. On their return to France they reported to "Le Relais – La Maison Pour Tous in Lambesc, Aix en Provence", who expressed interest in assisting children who were not necessarily victims of the Tsunami.

Meanwhile, Mervyn and Mersumi had begun helping Rewatha Children’s Home,  a small home in Trincomalee, which a Buddhist priest had started in 2002. The home badly needed basic improvements and the funding to do so. Representatives from Le Relais visited Sri Lanka and after visiting the home agreed to extend financial assistance.

Lambesc Children’s Foundation was incorporated with Mervyn & Mersumi and Sunethra and Dhammike Wedande who had been helping Rewatha since inception .

Our partners in Lambesc, France are now named Solidarite Enfants Sri Lanka. Due to the untiring effort of Debra Castan, an English lady living in Lambesc, sponsors were gradually increased and Rewatha Children's Home was improved and remains as our major project. Other donors were also sourced amongst relatives and friends


Our board of directors

Mrs.Sunethra Wedande

Mrs.Mersumi Andriesz

Late Mr.Mervyn Andriesz

Mr.Dhammike Wedande
Director / Hony. Secretary

Our partners and principal donors

Solidarite Enfants Sri Lanka
Lambesc, France